Bush Bean: Cannellino

RM3.00, 8 seeds

Seeds origin: UK

This compact plant produces pale cream-yellow pods containing 6 or 7 large white ‘cannelloni beans’, essential for a range of specific dishes.

Sowing instructions:
Plant seed in rows 50cm apart with seed stations every 25cm in the rows. Using a dibber place 3 to 4 seeds at each station 3 to 5cm deep. Cover seeds with soil and firm.

Growing instructions:
Water regularly after sowing and throughout the cropping period. No staking is required. Support for the plants can be achieved by pulling soil from between the rows towards the base of the plants.

Continually pick the beans before they become too large and coarse. Interplanting between rows of quick maturing vegetables such as radish or lettuce may be carried out or mulching between the rows with straw to conserve moisture and suppress weeds.