Carrot Parmex

RM3.00, 100 seeds

Seeds origin: UK

Germination: Easy
Aftercare: Easy
Ideal for: Basket, children, containers
Root length: 3-5 cm
Crops in: 65 days
See Carrot Parmex in miruku's Garden here and here

Deliciously tender, bite-sized, round carrots, with a very smooth skin. Carrot Parmex is early maturing and uniform. Ideal for containers, high density cropping or even in a windowbox.

Sowing instructions:
Sow seeds thinly, 1cm (½in) deep in drills 15cm (6in) apart.

Growing instructions:
Thin seedlings when large enough to handle to 5cm (2in) apart to reduce risk from carrot root fly. 

Nutirtional information:
Carrots make a healthy, nutritious addition to your daily diet. They are high in Vitamin A and beta-carotene, and rich in antioxidants.

Kitchen notes:
The bite-size carrots are excellent as party snacks, and can also be sliced thinly and fried in vegetable oil to make 'carrot crisps'!