Morning Glory Carnevale di Venezia

RM3.00, 10 seeds

Seeds origin: UK

Germination: Easy
Aftercare: Easy
Ideal for: Borders, trellis
Height: 6 feet
See Morning Glory Carnevale di Venezia in miruku's Garden here.

A vigorous climber producing masses of spectacular, striped blue and pink blooms with intricate markings, as if painted individually. Flowers all summer, transforming your garden with all the dazzling colours of the Venice Carnival. Twining climber to 2m (6ft).

Sowing instructions:
Sow seed on the surface of a free-draining, damp, seed compost and cover with a layer of compost, 6mm deep. Place at a temperature of 20-25C (68-77F) until after germination which takes 10-21 days. Do not exclude light as this helps germination.

Growing instructions:
Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle 30cm (12in) apart. For pot plants, plant into loam-based soil in 20cm (8in) pots. Grow on with plenty of light, but shade from direct sun.

Remove spent flowers regularly.