Dwarf Bush Bean Purple Teepee

RM3.00, 5 seeds

Seeds origin: UK

Ideal for: Kitchen garden, patio
Position: Full sun

Dwarf French Bean 'Purple Teepee' produces 15cm (6") long pods that are stringless and slender, with that special flavoursome zing that many vegetable growers agree only comes from the purple podded types. This superb variety bears its pods above the main foliage for easier picking and less damage from soil splash. Height: 45cm (18"). Spread: 30cm (12").

Sowing instructions:
Sow 2 bean seeds per station at a depth of 5cm (2") and a distance of 23cm (9") apart. Plant dwarf beans in rows that are 45cm (18") apart.

When growing beans, hoe between plants often and water regularly. Provide a compost mulch around the base of bean plants to combat dry periods. For the best crops harvest beans regularly while the pods are still young.