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miruku's Garden
Welcome to miruku's Garden! You're probably here to find out more about our products or perhaps you want to know a bit about our organic garden, how it came to be, and where it's going. 

As gardeners, we know what our customers are looking for. We know how expensive seeds are selling in the local stores. In miruku's Garden, we aim to save your pockets, and satisfy you with rare and unusual seeds, for a single, cheap rate - Frankly, we often sell seeds at a loss!! - Why? Because we always want to try new plants ourselves and we share out the rest :) 

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to add us on Facebook for more photos from our garden and to stay connected with us :)

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Email: sching_su@hotmail.com
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  • 风采杂志632期(2016 五月份)
  • Fine Gardening Magazine 06/06/2014 

Happy Shopping & Happy Gardening!
~ miruku ~